Multiple Donut YCH

YCH 'Your Character Here' | Closed Species and Original Characters
From ref image to 3d model - intended for 3d printing.

This is a series of multiple simple 'donut' ych renders of characters and creatures owned by other people. Some of which are gifts to friends and what not.

Arianne sweeney jun donut

Jinjun - Shi'vali. Ref image credit to the group.

Arianne sweeney b9d2026eed6816cc3b6b1faa1a9bc573 dag22u6

Sinivi - original character. Ref image credit to Sinivi.

Arianne sweeney fumi

Fumi dragon - closed species credit to fumi-lex. Ref image credit to mad-izoku,

Arianne sweeney kaeli

Kamishiba - closed species. Kamishiba and ref image credit to mad-izoku.

Arianne sweeney kintaur

Kintaur - closed species. Kintaur and ref image credit to talonex

Arianne sweeney b40b039d853a1bb331bc24d46e5120d8 dabel1q

First testing donut images - one in coated full color sandstone and one in plain sandstone using shapeways.