ARPG Minkin: Maka

Personal | Closed Species "Minkin"

An adorable looking species of creature called Minkin owned by a creator who I knew of from a previous gaming world. Finding the little equines enjoyable to look at I decided to support this artist and get my own. This is Makalayah my personal Minkin, species created by edelilah@DA & sa1b0t@DA, to do with as I wish for art purposes. As a result this came to be -- the Zbrush version of a Minkin.

Created awhile ago - Different positions and looks were attempted but this one just seemed to fit with the sketches. This was an older piece done before I actually managed to find a good sculpting look for fur.

Zbrush 'Sculpt' & 'Textured'


Arianne sweeney maka photoshop
Arianne sweeney closeup brighten
Arianne sweeney closeup side
Arianne sweeney keyrender minkin
Arianne sweeney maka minkinprint
Arianne sweeney minkin uv textured

singular texture map for 3d print

Arianne sweeney side

zbrush: side view

Arianne sweeney ground

Zbrush: deciding what I wanted in the small scene

Arianne sweeney untitled 1

Zbrush: thought idea for horn adornments