Azure JolleRaptor

This fun project was an art trade with another Deviantart user who asked me to sculpt out their character (in the corner above) so it might be 3D Printed. My whole goal was focused around that - to make the model as my first test go at 3D printing while being in color. Sculpting to print was quite a learning experience having plenty of restrictions that I had to maneuver to work in my favor while keeping the ability to print in color. The creature was fully sculpted in Zbrush - Uved in UV Layout - and for this render placed in Keyshot using the new Zbrush Bridge (which I personally love!).

After changing the model into the proper format for printing I sent it away to Shapeways to me printed -- the outcome was outstanding for its size and detail. (See Picture below for print photo) With such success other Jolleraptor owners came to me with intent of getting CG and 3D Print commissions.

Arianne sweeney azule standing

End Result

Arianne sweeney 3dprint
Arianne sweeney jr uv sweeney
Arianne sweeney ychsale

Jolleraptor YCH Sale Ad